Working towards a wilder future for nature & people.

Nature is our life support system, it’s the air we breathe, the food we eat, the water we drink, the energy that sustains us. And it’s in trouble. Wildlife is in dramatic decline. Species extinction and catastrophic climate change threaten all life on Earth. We must take action.

Education for a wild future!

What is Rewilding & why do we need to act now?

Bigger, Better, More Joined Up.

What’s a keystone species, where do people fit in and what do you need to get started? Take a rewilding Staffordshire journey of discovery with us.

Leading education through Schools for Wildlife!

Educating the next generation to ensure a wilder future for the benefit of Staffordshire’s people & nature.


Focused around telling engaging stories that evoke action, we communicate the benefits of rewilding for people and nature.

People &

Rewilding does not mean removing people from the land, it’s about ensuring communities & economies benefit from a wilder world.


Rewilding works to restore lost species by giving our native flora and fauna the right ecosystems and landscapes to thrive in.


There are lots of ways to support rewilding. From donations to buying from nature-driven businesses or join us as volunteer.

Across the UK, increasing demands on our natural environment have led to a significant decline in biodiversity and Staffordshire is high on the poor list!

0 %
of wild spaces

are under managed and in a poor state according to the State Of Nature Report.

0 %
of waterbodies

are classed as been in a poor or bad overall state across Staffordshire.

0 %
of Staffordshire

has ZERO conservation effort or geological designation scheme in place. 

Our Recent Stories

We tell stories that start conversations, inspire people to fall in love with nature and evoke action to save wildlife species, landscapes & communities.