About us

Our Story

Formed in 2016, Wild Staffordshire is a purpose-driven not for profit organisation committed to see a wilder planet earth where living landscapes are protected, enhanced, and valued by and for everyone.

Over the years, the ability of our habitats to sustain life in the long term has been diminished to a point lower than any in planet earth’s lifetime.

We Exist to:

1) To Highlight Problems

Habitat loss, invasive species and human-wildlife conflict are having a devastating impact on Staffordshire’s bio-diversity. Realising and raising awareness of our counties natural history problems is key for change.

2) To Create Solutions

Once a problem is highlighted, we work with project partners, organisations and the general public to find sustainable solutions to preserve critical habitats, protect native species, offer a voice to nature, empower communities and promote environmental education.

We believe that ecological and conservation efforts will allow us to see new opportunities for us to restore our lost landscapes whereby; There is an expanding network of wild forests supporting improved bio-diverse habitats, a greater range of native wildlife species are thriving, including key species such as red squirrel and beaver, extensive areas of land have been restored, farmland is utilised better for both wildlife and eco-tourism, local communities are thriving and younger generations are reconnecting with nature.

We want to help individuals, communities and schools to grow a greener, wilder and more bio-diverse county by supporting them to transform green spaces into wildlife havens for all ages to enjoy and benefit from.

Woman watching bird though binocular
Eurasian beaver with head out of the water in summer
Two little children looking at autumn pond

Our Vision

We want to see rewilding flourishing across Staffordshire & the UK, reconnecting us with the natural world, sustaining communities and tackling the species extinction crisis and climate emergency.

We want to live in a world where we face up to the scale of destruction we’ve laid on this Earth, put an end to further degradation and start to recover what we’ve lost. 

We all understand that we’re part of nature and not separate from it, that we can only thrive if nature thrives. That’s why via rewilding our ecosystems to the point where nature can take care of itself, we can re-establish natural processes and allow nature to lead the way, free from set outcomes and fixed end points.

Rewilding encourages the return of threatened and missing species and embraces the ebb and flow of nature, allowing animals, plants, birds and the elements to shape our landscapes and habitats over time.

We urgently want to see an expansion of nature’s recovery across Staffordshire, restoring and connecting up areas of rich natural habitat across our county.

The world we want to see encourages a relationship between people and the rest of nature where we all benefit and thrive. We want to see opportunities for communities to diversify and create sustainable, nature-based economies. We want to see people reconnecting with the wonders of wild nature, improving their physical and mental health. We see this transformation as a long-term commitment, secured for the benefit of future generations.

Our vision is to see one of hope — where the incredible hum and thrum of life replaces pollution, decline and destruction. It’s a county where our soils are healthy, our rivers are clean, and our land is rich and diverse. And it’s a world we know is possible, if we only choose to make it happen.

Close up of a squirrel with a bushy tail on a tree at the autumn forest

Our Approach

At its core, rewilding is a choice influenced by people’s values, priorities and motivations. Many people see the recovery of our natural world as an integral part of a progressive and healthy society, while others perceive rewilding as a threat to traditional land management and livelihoods.

We recognise that rewilding represents a change in how we relate to nature, and that change rarely comes without its challenges.

Our business is not about telling people what to think and do. Instead, we look for solutions within a shared vision of restoration and recovery.

Rewilding cannot be rolled out at the scale necessary to address climate breakdown and biodiversity loss without the support of land managers, who are so often portrayed as the problem when in fact, they are an essential part of the solution.

The Roaches
Butterflies Sitting on a Wild Flower

Our Mission & Objectives

Our Mission is to educate, inspire and connect people to nature whilst collaborating with grassroots conservation projects to protect communities, wildlife and living landscapes.

Our Objectives are based on the founding principles of Wild Staffordshire. These values will underpin our approach to working with everyone. Our vision is long term, and achieving it requires us to work within complex relationships involving educational institutes, local authorities, partner businesses, communities and the natural world.

1) To act as advocates for nature and communities and support them wherever possible.
2) To raise awareness about conservation, ecology and wildlife issues.
3) To be bold in our defence of living landscapes and natural history.
4) To be collaborative, seeking out partnerships to support our mission and take up opportunities to support grassroots conservation projects.
5) To strive to improve and invest in opportunities to enhance communities, education and living habitats.

Green pine forest
Boy looking through binoculars in green grass plants birdwatching nature exploration kid adventure
Trekking day

Our Partners & Supporters

Wild Staffordshire is committed to collaborating with a wide range of projects, groups and businesses to bring clarity and consistency to our vision. We are proud to have the honour of being able to work with the organisations below who all help in different ways to make our goals of combined conservation a success. If you, your project or business would like to join our supporter’s community, please contact us.

British Red Squirrel has a focus on raising awareness of the squirrel situation in the British Isles and helping the general public become involved in saving the species.

Wild Pact is a human-friendly environment to share eco content and motivate change by sharing stories from around the world, to further shared ecological & sociological aims.