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Shout Wildly about rewilding

Most people don’t realise that Staffordshire has become a ecologically-depleted county.

They see ‘beauty’ throughout areas such as Cannock Chase and see what they think is what our landscape should look like in the ‘wilderness’. However, in reality, these areas are far from the natural ecosystems than they should be.

Simply by talking to family, friends and work colleagues about the potential of a Wilder Staffordshire for wildlife, climate and people. Write to your local councilors and MP asking them what their stance is on rewilding our landscapes and environmental issues, such as the badger cull & HS2. And, don’t forget to follow us on social media and like/share our, stories, projects and communications. 

Rewilding is as much a change in mindset as it is a physical change to the living landscapes around us, so it’s good to talk.


There are several opportunities to get involved helping with rewilding Staffordshire. As a very small not-for-profit, we rely on the passionate individuals who share our vision to see a Wilder Staffordshire.

Where you wish to be at the forefront of delivering our Schools for Wildlife programme, been hands on with Red Squirrel conservation through the Staffordshire Squirrel Project or simple want to help out in any of way, we’d be more than happy to have your support.

Whatever you feel you can offer, we’d be delighted if you get it touch!

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